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What is VIP ?


The VIP, or Al-Basreen, service is a paid service that we offer to our members who love distinction and the highest, in which you get high-quality services and services that are special only to you as a member of Al-Basreen.

What is Al-Basreen service ?

Once upon a time, there was a group of people who were dazzled and astonished; it was obligatory for them to rise nine levels above everything around them. If someone wore silver, they would wear nine carats of diamonds, and if their neighbor lived next to them, they would live nine levels above them. So they asked them one day, What is your argument? They said, They see you as you appear, and we, when we ascend, see you as you are, not exposed," so the people were astonished and called them Al-Basreen.

― Mr Abadon