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ReadyGames is a Gaming Entertainment Group

known for innovation.
The goal of ReadyGames is a radical,

positive change in Saudi Arabia.
In everything we do: we make sure that the name ReadyGames is linked to three words:

Sincerity, Innovation, and Lordship.

Keyboard and Mouse

Nine social platforms

RGE Vision


We embrace the caves of the ocean and see the secrets of the sky.

image-asset (4).jpeg

… It all began when I was twelfth

When I was twelve years old, I looked around and said to myself: What are these humans for? Then, I laughed at myself and realized that I was one of them .. and from there, my vision was born.


- Lord

First Step | The first step

These details, ideas and projects are just a drop from the ocean of our great vision to teach you to swim before we take you into our deep oceans,

my hope for the Merciful that I will achieve it as long as I am alive

- Seth "Lord" Rekojwar.

If you really want someone to understand you, explain it to a six-year-old if he did not understand - your explanation is complicated.

Bill Gates (Microsoft founder)


What are ReadyGames?

Ready Games is a dream, a dream that we did not want to end, a dream that we wished to sleep forever, just so that we would not wake up to our distant day, far from our dream ..

Do you know that feeling when you want to explain 9 years and 22 projects, ideas and 10 years vision in a short period? Yes, this is how we feel when someone asks who are we? What is RGE? Are you just players? Do you have a dream? -

It is impossible to explain all of this to every passerby, but we will simplify it for you,
Most of our great projects have strategies and manuscripts that we would like to keep in secret, so we will start with our most prominent projects and a simple overview of them.

We start from the smallest and end with the greatest


Have fun, think and imagine.

DOZ HD.png

Project No. 3 | Year of the idea: 2015 | Year of implementation: 2018

The First Arabic Digital Currency

Project Status: Active

بعض مشاريعنا

About Doz and what is its future?

Doz is a digital currency that our members obtain through the ReadyGames sites and the Doz mine, when the member gets enough Doz, he can buy goods from the Doz market, and buy other services from inside and outside ReadyGames.


In the near future: We use DOZ in our centers, game centers, halls and galleries, ReadyGames and its partners, and if the member is one of the (VIPs) in ReadyGames, one of their advantages is to get a card similar to bank cards with their name on it . This card stores the Doz that you collect and you can access to ReadyGames centers and their partners as well as exhibitions and tournaments without entry fees and also a VIP member can buy with his card using Doz from restaurants and service shops that are located inside centers, halls or showrooms.


Project No. 4 | Year of the idea: 2018 | Year of implementation: 2018

Service for Premium Members

Project Status: Active

About the service and what is its future?

The Basseren service, or as it is often called: VIPs, is a service that is granted through a monthly subscription, and the member is given high-end services and treatment from a special team that matches the level of the members of this service so that they are distinguished by that and more than the rest of the members with their services and monthly advantages


When the number of members reaches a specific station, the monthly service price increases and the service phase develops to the higher station, thus making new features available and improving the existing features - in the future, God willing, we want to implement project # 1, which is a center or centers, galleries and exhibitions for ReadyGames, each of which there is Sections, entrances and special teams only for VIPs and in them the services and appearances are luxurious and toxic, also there are a number of luxury cars that are always available for the delivery and transportation of service members to and from the ReadyGames Center or Ready Games exhibitions and also available in the VIP card offers and free meals every month We have restaurants and service shops that we cooperate with, and that is only for VIP members who hold a Busine Card


Sincerity stations
Loyalty stations is a service also available to VIPs only. Every 6 months after the member’s subscription, the member arrives at a loyalty station and when he does that, the member gets a sculpture model sculpted from the luxurious marble. And with a luxurious design, and this happens whenever the member arrives at the loyalty station and in every loyalty station there are gifts and rewards better than the station before it and so on

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Project No. 9 | Year of the idea: 2014 | Year of implementation: When estimated

Center for the Brain/IQ Level

Project Status: Not implemented yet

About the center and what is its future?

The ReadyGames team always aspires to develop it's surroundings and increase the mental and scientific capacity of everyone around them and that is why we established the idea of The Center of Mikhail that gives a person enough knowledge to enable him or her to rise to a high level mentally and that affects society completely and changes the details of individuals' lives from the way they wear shoes to the top Thinking Capacities -

The basic idea is a center that teaches swimming, archery and horse riding, according to the will of our beloved Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and between that, the lessons of the science of mind and spirit take place and the duration of the central course is three months

A mentally developed society that maintains order and follows it, is a thinker, founder, and pride locally and internationally, as al-Hakim said: Laws ... without them we would have lived among animals.

Who founded RGE?

Any creature officially working under the name of the only ReadyGames

تقديم عرض

Mr. Uzair,  Public Relations Officer

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